The Islamic creed is that "There Is No God Save Allah And That Muhammad(pbuh&hp) Is His Prophet" (La Ilaaha Illa-Allah Muhammadur- Rasoolillah). Muslims believe that Allah is ONE..

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Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh&hf)LINEAGE: The oldest and noblest tribe in the whole of Arabia was Banu Hashim. They were the descendants of Ibrahim through his son Isma"il. The Arabs respected and loved them for their goodness, knowledge and bravery.

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IMAM Ali (A.S.) One of these examples is the honoured prophet (pbhu&hf) whom the holy Quran has described (indentified) as best example. Other than the Messenger of God (pbuh&hf), we would find a great example in the (leader of the pious) his holiness Imam Ali (AS). Morals and behaviour through which his holiness has dealt with ups and downs in his life are such an asset for ourselves following which can help us achieve success in both worlds.

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Hussaini Islamic Mission Hussaini Islamic mission was established in 1979. Its purpose was to spread the Light of Islam in the world with peace. Our mission is to bring up our childrens according to the teachings of Masoomeen(a.s.).
During the Islamic year Mission arranges different type of programs which include Majalis, Jashans, Melads and especially sunday class for the young generation.

Majalis/Jashans/Melads are held to teach the human beings, how we should spend our lives according to the Islam, purely reflecting the life style of Masoomeen(a.s). Mission also arrange different sessions in which Duas, Supplications and Aamals are performed to praise the Glory of Allah(s.w.t) and ask forgiveness from Allah(s.w.t) in the supervision of Allama Hassan Maroofi(resident alim). Please contact mission for further informatio.

0208 568 6180
19 Thornbury Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 4LQ


Friday Timings
Friday Sermon will commence at 13:05
and Friday Prayer at 13:45

Thursday Program
Imam Bargah Hussaini Islamic Mission
opens every Thursday for Aamal at 8:30pm Recitation of Surah Yaseen, Dua-e-Kumail and Ziarat-e-Warisah and Magrib and Isha prayers .

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